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The CPM Team

Thomas J. Zedlitz

Thomas J. Zedlitz, affectionately known as “TJ”, is the webmaster at CPMedia & Marketing with responsibility for web design, front end web development and backend web development.  He also serves as a company consultant on SEO integration and graphic design.

Prior to joining CPM,  TJ worked as a webmaster for other companies, including The SmarTV Company, Clear Channel Radio and The Proctor House.  Notable is his four years as a Web Content Coordinator with Clear Channel Radio and his two years at The SmarTV Company, where he lead the layout and design of web landing pages, banners, advertisements, video and animation, collaborated with upper management on key projects such as directing, producing or acting in company advertising video commercials.  He always engaged each task with professionalism, a contagious positive attitude and clear view of overall business concerns.

TJ is very involved with his hometown athletics as he serves as a coach for youth soccer and youth baseball.  He also served as his community HOA vice president for a two-year term.

Overall, TJ brings proven knowledge and experience in relevant facets of computer operations, strong design skills, excellent communication and consultative skills. He also enjoys collaborating with client management, data processing managers and support staffs.

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