We’re More than An Advertising and Marketing Firm.
We’re your one-stop-shop.

CPMedia & Marketing is your life preserver.

We focus on small to mid-size businesses who know they need marketing to help grow their company, but they aren’t sure how to go about it.

Does this sound like you?

  • You worry that if you don’t do something, you won’t grow your business.
    But you don’t know where to begin and you definitely don’t want to waste any money.  You need help but you can’t afford both the marketing and hiring someone.

What do you do?

Call CPM. Your Goals. Our Expertise.


Founded: 1993

Mission: To help small businesses become more profitable by identifying their best marketing options and making it available and affordable to them.

How We Work: Our process is simple.  Together we decide on what would work best for you!

Think of us as a pie.  You can take a slice and use our expertise as much as you want, but there is an in-house marketing coordinator or manager within your business who will be responsible for effectively pushing the plan forward.

But perhaps you want the entire pie with CPM stepping in as your Outsourced / Virtual Marketing Department.  Your CPM Marketing Department will push your marketing plan forward without day-to-day oversight.  Typically, we report directly to senior management or the owner of the business just like any other department head would.

The Name: We get asked all the time. . . “What’s up with your name?”

Our legal name is CPMedia & Marketing, LLC —  CPM for short. 
CPM stands for Cost per Thousand, using the Latin word mille in the acronym. 

CPM is the most effective benchmarks in the advertising industry.  It’s used across all forms of advertising.  Instead of an advertising outlet (digital or traditional) giving you the total cost for an advertising campaign, it can easily state its ad rates at the cost per 1,000 impressions.

It’s the only apples-to-apples method of evaluating advertising.