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Read what our partners are saying about us!

Better Business Bureau

Betty has been a strong supporter of the principles of the BBB in advancing Trust in Businesses and Non-Profits. She operates her own business first with Trust Principles and then her leadership has taken it to another level for our community that I am fortunate to benefit from here at the BBB.
Kip Morse, CEO

Women Small Business Accelerator

The CPM team are wonderful to work with. We have an idea and they make it happen. Knowledge and experience really saves time and makes a difference, especially to our bottom line.
Cindi Englefield, Board Chair

Custom Air Conditioning & Heating Co.

I tell other business owners, if you want advertising and marketing that’s done right, and a truly dedicated team of professionals, you need to work with CPM. They know the market, care about their clients, and work hard for them. We have enjoyed a partnership with CPM for 20 plus years and our level of success in sales and image is largely due to their dedication and expertise.
Jeff Reed, Vice President

Timberwood Landscape Co.

I have been working with the CPM team for many years and have nothing but the utmost respect for the level of their work and work ethic. They are all reliable, creative, hard-working and I suspect that anyone who interacts with them will enjoy their professionalism as much as I do.
Sam Duff, Owner

The Outdoor Source

We consider CPM our marketing department team. They are responsive, creative and thoughtful in their approach and recommendations. We’ve been depending upon their guidance for the past 15 years and will continue to do so.
Roy Radigan, Owner

Brady Ware & Company

Working with CPMedia & Marketing is an absolute pleasure. They are receptive to our opinions as well as responsive to our requests and needs. Plus, their enthusiasm and passion make them especially fun to work with! I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.
Betty Collins, CPA, Director

Peregrine Health Services, Inc.

Peregrine Health Services has been doIng business with CPMedia & Marketing for quite a few years and we value them as friends as well as business partners. I appreciate and respect their abilities as a media savvy, client-centered agency focused on results. We definitely see them as an invaluable extension of our team.
Paul Dauerman, CEO