Smart Ways to Grow Your Local Sale

It appears that on every street corner, there’s a big “box” store ready – and quite willing – to take business away from the smaller, local retailer. If you’re a local retailer, you more than likely face this challenge on a daily basis and wonder how to combat those big “box” stores.

For several years now the team at CPM has developed local marketing plans that utilizes diverse strategies on a variety of platforms. These strategies, when coupled with your excellent customer service, pulls customers in the door on a regular basis to buy – not just browse.

Plus, by outsourcing your marketing to CPM, you receive not only a strategic plan but the manpower to implement it. And if you have been assigning the marketing duties to an employee, you won’t have to be concerned about turnover and training. Your brand will continue to grow regardless of any staffing changes.

Our Retail marketing services include:


Assistance in defining your short and long-term business and marketing goals.


The promotion, advertising or campaign methods that have have a proven success rate.


Increase your web traffic through the use of digital advertising, SEO and email.


Allow CPM to be the responsible for growing your audiences on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Your online identity should be an appealing, responsive, fast-loading website that will drive The best return for your investment.